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Papiro Prisse. Prisse Papyrus. Referente del protocolo. IV.

Referente histórico de las reglas de convivencia y civilidad.

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El papiro Prisse.

If you wish friendship to last
within a house you may enter,
as master, as brother, or as friend,
anywhere you may enter,
resist approaching the wife.
It is not good for the place where it is done,
It is not clever to open it up,
A thousand men are tied against what is good for them;
a little moment is like a dream,
but death is reached by knowing it.
It is a vile twist to shoot the enemy,
it comes out on his doing, the heart restraining him.
The one who fails by lusting for her,
no plan succeeds by his hand.

If you wish your conduct to be good
and to save yourself from all evil,
resist the opportunity of greed.
It is a sore disease of the worm,
no advance can come of it.
It embroils fathers and mothers,
with mother's brothers.
It entangles the wife and the man,
it is a levy of all evils,
a bundle of all hatefulness.
The man endures whose guideline is Right,
who proceeds according to his paces.
He can draw up a will by it.
There is no tomb for the greedy hearted.

Do not be greedy over a share,
do not be jealous of what is not your due,
do not be greedy against your kin.
The mild man receives more respect than the strong.
The one who goes out under his kin is a miserable man,
deprived of the profit of speech.
A fraction of the object of greed
creates a quarreler out of a cool temperament.

If you are excellent, found your household,
love your wife within reckoning.
Fill her belly, clother her back,
ointment is the remedy for her body.
Gladden her heart as long as you live.
It is a field of benefit for its lord.
Do not impose her in affairs.
Distance her from power, restrain her.
Her eye is her storm when it sees.
This is what keeps her in your house.
Your quelling her, is water.
The womb puts her in her arms.
In her turmoil a canal is made for her.

Make your staff happy with what has come to you,
it has come to one whom the god favours.
Anyone neglecting the happiness of his staff
is called a spirit of hoarding.
Noone know what is coming, when planning tomorrow.
The spirit of the correct man is the spirit that brings happiness.
If moments of praising arise,
it is the staff who would cheer.
Food cannot be brought to town
staff are fetched when there is shortage.

Do not repeat slander
and do not listen to it.
It is the result of the hot-headed.
Repeat a word after seeing,
not heard entirely skewed.
See, what is before you is fine knowledge.
When a levy is decreed to take place,
the one made to exact it is hated, by law.
Slander is like a moment of dreaming,
See what is the remedy for the dream -

If you are as a man of excellence,
sitting in the council of his master,
rally every heart to excellence.
Your silence is more benefit than creeping talk.
You should say what you know how to explain.
There are artists of words in the council,
speaking is more difficult than any labour.
The one who can explain is the one who makes it work.


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