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Papiro Prisse. Prisse Papyrus. Referente del protocolo. VII.

Referente histórico de las reglas de convivencia y civilidad.

Se lee en 4 minutos.

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El papiro Prisse.

Hearing is good for a son who hears,
hearing enters into the hearer.
The hearer becomes one who is heard.
Hearing is good, as speech is good.
The hearer is the master of what is useful.
Hearing is good for the hearer,
hearing is better than any other thing;
love of good comes into being.
How beautiful it is when a son receives what his father says.
Old age is achieved for him by it.
The hearer is one whom the god loves.
The one whom god hates does not hear.
The heart is the creator of its master.
Do not hear from the one who does not hear.
A man's heart is his life, prosperity and health.
It is the hearer who hears the speaker,
the one who acts according to what is said is the one who loves hearing.
How good when a a son listens to his father.
How joyful is the one to whom this is said.
A son who is handsome is a hearing lord.
The hearer to whom it is said is effective in the body.
Mempory of him is in the mouth of the people,
Those who are on earth, and those who will be.

If the son of a someone receives what his father says,
There can be no wavering for any of his plans.
Instruct your son to be a good hearer,
who will be excellent in the hearts of the officials,
guiding his mouth according to what he has been told,
seen as a hearer.
The son who excels, his steps are distinguished,
but there is no straight way in for the one who fails to hear.
The morning of the wise man will be his security,
while the fool is pressed down.

As for the fool unable to hear,
nothing can ever be done for him.
He sees wisdom as ignorance,
and what is good as what is painful.
He commits every error,
to be accused of it each day.
He lives on what one dies of,
corrupt speect is his food.
His character in this is well-known to the officials,
saying 'living death' each day.
His faults are passed over
from the sheer number of faults on him each day.

A son who hears is a follower of Horus
It is good for him after he hears.
In his old age he achieves revered status.
He can tell the same to his children,
renewing the teaching of his father.
Every man teaches by his deeds.
He tells on to the children,
and they can tell their children.
Show character, do not pass on your weaknesses.
Securing what is right, is the life of your children
As for the principal who arrives with wrongdoing,
people say what they see
'that is exactly how that man is'
to say to those who will hear
'that is exactly how that man is' too.
Their everyone sees, and the multitude is pacified.
There is no profit in riches without them.
Do not remove a word, do not add it.
Do not put one in place of another.
Fight against opening up the bonds on you.
Guard against a man of experience saying
'listen up, if you wish to be secure
in the mouth of those who hear;
speak up when you have penetrated the case of the craftsman'.
You speak at the case of closure,
and all your plans will fall into place.

Flood your heart, restrain your mouth
then your plans will be among the officials.
Be straight in character before your lord.
Do as he has said, that is the son,
sothose who hear it say
'indeed favour gave birth to him'.
Say things of distinction,
so the officials who hear may say
'how perfect is the issue of his mouth'.

Do as your master has said for you.
How good is one instructed by his father
when he emerged from him out of his body,
and he told him, while he was in the body, entirely,
May what he has done be greater than what he was told.
See, a good son, by the gift of the god,
surpassing what he was told before his lord.
He does what is right.
His heart has acted according to his set steps.
As you reach me, your body intact,
the king content with everything,
take years of life.
What I have done on earth is not little.
I took 110 years of life
by the grant of the king to me,
favour ahead of the ancestors,
from doing what is right for the king until the stage of revered status.


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